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What We Do

Urechilă Farm will deliver on national market a wide range of products

Urechilă Slaughterhouse

Our farm will become a supplier of high quality meat products for markets.

Urechilă Tailoring

Urechila Farm will produce stylish and high quality clothing and footwear for girls.

Urechilă Farm’s Equipment Production Workshop

Modern and efficient Equipment Production Workshop for own needs and for sale.

Urechilă Compound Feed Production Plant

Compound Feed Production Plant for animals, for consumption by rabbits on our farm and for sale to other farms.

Urechilă Fertilizer Production Plant

Various fertilizers ready for sale in specialized stores.

In details

Urechilă Slaughterhouse
  • Whole rabbit
  • Rabbit fillet
  • Rabbit carcase
  • Boneless rabbit meat
  • Rabbits heads, hearts, liversbuds, tongues
  • Marinated rabbit meat
  • Rabbit meat, smoked meat, meat sausages
  • Rabbit minced meat (subproducts)
  • Raw or precooked rabbit meat menus
  • Rabbit meat pure (babies food)
  • Rabbit meat burgers
Urechilă Tailoring
  • Rabbits fur clothes and coats
  • Rabbits fur shoes
  • Rabbits fur hats
  • Rabbits fur gloves
  • Rabbits fur bags
  • Rabbits fur scarfs
  • Accessories
Urechilă Farm’s Equipment Production Workshop
  • Cages
  • Feeding system & silos
  • Ventilation & cooling pad
Urechilă Compound Feed Production Plant
  • Granulated rabbits feed
  • Extruded pigs feed (rabbits guts mix)
  • Fried rabbits ears (dog’s feed)
Urechilă Fertilizer Production Plant
  • Granulated fertilizer (bags)
  • Liquid fertilizer (barrels)

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