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Rabbit-breeding – a branch of animal husbandry, engaged in rabbits breeding and providing valuable and varied products, necessary for the national economy, using cheap available feed, low labor costs and resources.

Rabbit breeding occupies one of the main places in the world economy and consumption. A high proportion of fur and fluffy rabbits breeds production belongs to China. Second place in the industry, hold Italy. In this country is produced 300 thousand tons of this product per year. The per capita consumption of rabbits meat is 5.5-6 kilograms per year. In Germany, France and Hungary, this index is 2.5-3 kilograms.

Modern rabbits breeding on farms is carried out with full or partial automation. Commercial breeding is based on year-round reproduction through artificial insemination. Males are kept separately from females, as the main work is made by genetics. This is due to the need to obtain healthy and productive breeds. Rabbit breeding is an alternative type of animal husbandry, capable to rapidly increasing a large volume of production.

The lack of rabbits meat is felt in every country in the world, since rabbit breeding is a quite difficult and risky business and it’s not attractive for ordinary entrepreneurs, but the population’s demand for rabbits meat is great and grows every year as a result of understanding that’s necessary to switch to a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Thus are created all the prerequisites for whole this industry development. According to the World Health Organization recommendations, more than 5 percent of a person’s meat diet should be dietary meat (4.5 kilograms per capita).

Nowadays, more new industrial enterprises have been created with a specific livestock from a thousand females of the main herd, as well many medium and small farms.