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The Project „Urechilă Farm” to be realized, needs an reliable investor support. Investment amount is about 5 million euros.

Urechila Farm Financial Summary

Index Value
Project horizon calculation, years 5
Project horizon calculation, months 62
Volume of invested capital in the project (LDC), € 4 923 333
Earnings volume during the project period (SP), € 19 148 292
Net average of operational monthly income (NAOR), € 468 882
Monthly cash balance average (ADB), € 340 080
Clear profit of the project period, € 10 546 141
Sales profitability average, % 56%
Capital turnover average, days 30
Discounting rate, % 10%
Net present value (NPV), € 1 901 252,26
Accounting rate of investment return (ARR), % 16%
Return of investment (ROI), % 390%
Profit index (PI), % 39%
Internal rate of return (IRR), % 18%
Project payback period (PP), months 40,5
Project payback period (PP), years 3,375

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Direct Owner Contact

Phone: +44 7402146806 or +373 60962135

Email: g.esanu@urechila.md

The process of project realization from 0 to it launching

Stage I

  • Land acquisition (auction, land preparation)
  • Project technical documentation
  • Construction authorization
  • Geodetic plan execution
  • National Grid connection
  • Digging and connection to underground water basin
  • Agreement for concrete pylons production (400 units + 400)
  • Agreement for concrete pylons delivery (Ukraine – Moldova rail transportation). Agreement to build Biogas Plant. Agreement between Urechilă and the building team. Agreements for land rent (for green mass cultivation)

Stage II

  • Construction works beginning (foundation building)
  • Agreement for delivery of 7 000 m3 of concrete
  • Concrete pylons delivering from railway station to the farm’s building place
  • Concrete pylons installing (farm’s skeleton formation)
  • Agreement for 43 000 m2 of sandwich panels production and delivery to the fam’s building place
  • Whole rabbits and production buildings complex sandwich panels covering
  • Green mass storing hangars construction
  • Silos purchase (grains silos)
  • Agricultural machines garage construction
  • Biogas Plant construction
  • Rabbits compound feed plant construction
  • Office and farm’s shop construction
  • Equipment aquisition for whole farm’s production department
  • Farm’s equipment selfproduction (cages, cooling pads, ventilation)

Stage III

  • Agreements for farm’s production selling (Kaufland, Metro)
  • Farm’s personnel and rabbits breeding professionals enrolment (working experience trips to other modern farms, for key workers)
  • Green mass land work (lucerne production)
  • Buildings finishing works and furnishing
  • Farm’s materials and products aquisition necessary for activity beginning (from vaccines to office supplies)
  • Agreement for Females and Males (rabbits) aquisition and delivering

October 2022 – Business launching on national market „Rabbits Breeding Farm Urechilă

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