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Who We Are

Urechilă SRL is a company founded in 2019

About the founder of the company Urechilă SRL

Gheorghe Eşanu                                  

   Borned 1988 May 6th in Selemet, Republic of Moldova. In a family of farmers, with both parents Vasile and Nina, and one brother Nicolae. In 2010 has successfully finished The Microelectronics and Computing College in Chişinău. Then, in 2011 been employed as a Physics Teacher, in Mihailovca, Ştefan cel Mare High School.

   During high school studying was highlighted the desire and aptness to make changes in society, through a couple of innovative projects in Renewable Energy. The promotion of these projects at local, regional, as well at national level, attracted attention to some important global players in cars production industry. But, because of financial support and believe absence at the beginning stage, all these projects are on hold for a better time.  

   Nowadays, Gheorghe Eşanu return to make real wished society changes.

About company Urechilă SRL

The purpose of this company establishing, was and remains, construction of the largest project in the Republic of Moldova in rabbit farming sphere. The Rabbits Farm “Urechilă”. This project is at development stage, design, analysis, partnership relations establishing, including partnerships to attract investments for the project realization.

Urechilă Farm plans it launch on the Republic of Moldova market in 2022, with a wide range of products, necessary for both, ordinary consumers and business owners in the agricultural field. Thus, the Republic of Moldova is considered an agricultural country, Ferma Urechilă will have partnerships and will carry out its activity on the entire territory of the country.

Timeline of our company “Urechila Farm”


Idea foundation to create the biggest rabbits breeding farm in Moldova

Investor search period for the “Urechila Farm” project – over 70 refusals


First investment application registered on www.start2up.ru


Urechilă SRL company registration


Urechilă Farm technical design


Urechilă Farm – Business launching on Republic of Moldova territory

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